Here is some introduction copy about the tools UPI is providing users for assistance and why. Would be good to introduce the tools at a higher level and then give a short description for each tool available to members, or even tease out that more tools are available for Members and encourage people to join. NOTE: There is no guarantee on the accuracy of the information provided by these tools. They are provided as tools to assist in making decisions.

Feedlot Enterprise Budget

Use this handy calculator to conduct a breakeven analysis and determine the cash-flow for ONE animal. Calculate gross return and predicted performance based on inputs, such as expected average finishing weight, average daily gain and feed per head, livestock costs and more.

Feedlot Enterprise Budget Calculator

Calculate Your Breakeven Cost

Feed Costs Calculator

This tool is designed to calculate daily feed costs for ONE animal based on predicted average daily gain and the combined rations of feed based on ingredient type.

Feed Costs Calculator

Calculate Feed Cost