Risk Management Programs

Feeders Preferences

  • Allows member access to CME Futures
  • Full contracts based on 40,000 pounds for live cattle and lean hogs. Contracts based on 50,000 pounds for feeder cattle
  • Mini contracts based on 20,000 pounds for live cattle and lean hogs. Mini contracts based on 25,000 pounds for feeder cattle
  • Gain or loss on futures position is settled on livestock check
  • Livestock sold through UPI
  • UPI makes margin calls up to $150,000, upon approval
  • Offers protection against significant price changes in volatile markets
  • Enables producers to operate on fairly predictable margins
  • Rate discounts if you have a loan and/or a livestock marketing agreement
A photo of cows in a pasture.

Interested in Learning More?

To see if you’re a good candidate for Risk Management, contact your local UPI representative or call (614) 433-2184.