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When You Succeed, We Succeed

UPI Credit Services is a wholly owned subsidiary of United Producers Inc., which is a farmer-owned and operated livestock cooperative. That means when you succeed, we succeed, and that’s why we offer competitive financial programs and services designed specifically for our producer members. UPI Credit Services provides short-term loans for livestock, general farm operating expenses and crop inputs. Annual loans, revolving lines of credit and term loans are available. If you are expanding your operation, adding buildings, equipment or purchasing real estate, you may also qualify for our intermediate and long-term loans.

Call UPI Credit Services For All Your Ag Financing Needs

UPI Credit Services is your source for agricultural, farm machinery and livestock financing. With experienced regional credit officers located throughout Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, and Ohio we are available to come to your farm and answer any questions.


Competitive Rates

UPI Credit Services offers competitive interest rates, including long term fixed interest rates for our real estate products. Please contact a representative of UPI Credit Services to learn how we can help meet your credit needs.

Loan Calculator

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We specialize in financing the following areas:

  • Livestock financing
    • Feeder Livestock (all types)
    • Breeding livestock
  • Cattle preconditioning / backgrounding programs
  • Building financing
  • Operating and input financing
  • Real Estate

To start your loan process, download a pre-application form or contact one of our experienced staff members that are listed below.



Regional Credit Officers

Caitlin Busald
Call: (419) 575-8850
Fax: (614) 433-2292

Illinois, Indiana, Missouri and Western Kentucky

Learn more about Cailtin here.

Ashley Culp
Call: (989) 430-3424
Fax: (989) 367-5929

Southern Michigan, Northeast Indiana, and Northwest Ohio

Learn more about Ashley here.

Brian Fracker
Call: (740) 403-6225

Central Ohio

Learn more about Brian here.

Ben Seibert
Call: (419) 303-0907
Fax: (419) 491-3005

Western Ohio

Learn more about Ben here.


Bob Siegel, Vice President of Credit
Call: (800) 641-7522 x2152


John King, Business Development Officer

Call: (419) 937-4148
Fax: (419) 937-1866

Learn more about John here.

Support Staff

 Debbie Schultz, Loan Administrator

Call: (614) 433-2156
Fax: (614) 433-2157


Peggy Swanson, Loan Administrator

Call: (614) 433-2160
Fax: (614) 433-2161