Producers Facing New Challenges as Market Conditions Demand New Banking Relationships

Columbus, Ohio. – Many producers are being forced to seek new banking relationships due to unprecedented market conditions, including record-high cattle prices and land prices.

The U.S. is probably going to have record-high calf and feeder cattle prices in the next few years – probably by 2025, according to Tim Petry, NDSU Extension livestock marketing economist, in an article in The Prairie Star. “We’ve got record-high prices in the U.S. for a lot of commodities and record-high production,” Petry said.

“Since we began more than 90 years ago, we have offered our farmer producers unique solutions to the ever-changing agricultural industry,” said Bob Siegel, vice president of credit at United Producers, Inc. “We’ve been hearing from countless producers that the complexities of today’s marketplace have caused them to simply outgrow their traditional banking relationships. They are in need of lending partners who understand the unique needs of today’s farmers. We are pleased to be able to offer innovative financing solutions during these never-before-seen market conditions.”

UPI Credit Services, a wholly owned subsidiary of United Producers Inc., (UPI), is available to assist producers with lending products that include real estate loans; short-term loans for livestock, general farm operating expenses and crop inputs; and annual loans, revolving lines of credit and term loans.

Additionally, UPI’s risk management services allow producers to minimize risk by locking in prices and being able to predict profit during volatile markets like the industry is experiencing. While risk management can be confusing and complex, UPI experts are available to answer questions and provide more information to farmers seeking to learn more about this valuable financial option.

Since 1932, UPI Credit Services has served as a trusted source for agricultural, farm machinery and livestock financing needs. A team of experienced regional credit officers are available to assist via phone or in-person to answer questions. Credit services offerings include short-term loans for livestock, general farm operating expenses and crop units in addition to annual loans, revolving lines of credit and term loans. United Producers, Inc. (UPI), the Midwest’s largest livestock marketing cooperative,

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UPI serves 30,000 members in Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Tennessee and surrounding states, handling approximately 2.5 million head of livestock per year. UPI also offers risk management services, including marketing agreements and brokerage services; and offers competitive credit services for agricultural, farm machinery and livestock financing. For more information, visit or follow United Producers, Inc. on Facebook.
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