Membership is handled at the local level. Please check with your local market or UPI marketing representative about becoming a Preferred Member.

Click here to register for access to the Preferred Member section of the website. 

Membership Benefits: 

  • Access to management and consulting services
  • Access to Risk Management services with discounted service fees
  • Discounts through UPI Credit Services
  • Vote in Delegate elections and eligibility to serve as an elected Delegate or Director
  • Children and grandchildren of preferred members are eligible to enter the scholarship award program

Only producers who buy or sell livestock through UPI are eligible for Preferred Membership status. Membership is based on the calendar year.

Paid Preferred Members will not be assessed another Preferred Membership fee for additional businesses in another name of which you are the sole owner or principal. However, if you are in a business entity that involves persons other than immediate family, that business entity would require a separate membership fee.