Swine Marketing

With our swine marketing services, you can be confident that you are making the most of your business. Let us be your partner and put our unparalleled knowledge and experience to work for you. We offer auction marketing, local collection points, direct marketing and specialized movement of cull livestock through UPI/Parks.

We offer help in the marketing of finished hogs by working with our market hog divisions and risk management services. We also offer several financing options through UPI’s credit division.

Our customized Advanced Hog Marketing service is your one-stop shop for all hog marketing services. We offer sorting and marking, transportation and logistics, contracting, barn management and facilities consulting, record-keeping and reporting, data analysis and other services. For more information, contact your local UPI sales representative or Jeff Karshner at (937) 477-8060.

Our Feeder Pig Division markets small and large groups of high-health 40 to 80 pound feeder pigs as well as Segregated Early Weaned (SEW) pigs throughout the Midwest. Feeder pigs are sold through the UPI Tel-O-Auction every other Thursday at 10 a.m. CST. Feeder pigs and SEW pigs are sold private treaty as they become available.

All feeder pigs are marketed direct from the seller’s farm to the buyers’ farm to help control expenses and maintain herd health. We offer buyers the opportunity to maintain a continuous, high-health, single source of feeder pigs.

UPI employees help feeder pig producers on the farm with vaccination programs and procurement of breeding stock. We arrange for the pick-up and delivery of feeder pigs between buyers and sellers. For more information, contact the Feeder Pig Division at (660) 815-4154 .

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Swine Marketing