Yellow Tag Pre-conditioning & Marketing Program


Yellow Tag Program is a flexible, value-added feeder calf program that can be utilized across our territory by feeder calf producers who are members of the co-op.


Feeder cattle enrolled in this program will have a yellow ear tag, which can be purchased through your local UPI cattle sales representative. This ear tag will indicate to buyers that the cattle have been weaned, vaccinated, wormed and managed according to the requirements of the Yellow Tag Program, therefore increasing their marketability.


This program allows the producer to use their preferred marketing method offered through the co-op, including marketing through a UPI auction facility, direct marketing or listing cattle on the monthly UPI internet sale. This program is designed for operations of all sizes and will allow producers to be part of a larger marketing program and to develop a positive reputation for their cattle over time.


Click here for more information and program requirements.

Click here to download the Program Certification Document to enroll your cattle in the program.


If you are interested in learning more about the program or if you have any questions, please contact your local UPI cattle sale representative.