Yard Worker

Yard Worker

Division/Department: Irvington, Ky.
Reports to: Facility Manager
Employment type: Part-Time, 20-30 hours a week 

Position Purpose:
To provide assistance in maintaining the up keep of the barn facility.

Scope of Position:
The Yard Worker has the responsibility to ensure the safety and the maintenance of the livestock marketing facility. In addition, responsibilities may include care, feeding and movement of livestock.

Essential Functions of this position:

  1. Load, unload, sort, move and pen livestock (cattle) from delivery trucks.
  2. Cleans and prepares all areas of the facility for the next activity.
  3. Prepares minimal paperwork and tracking of livestock throughout the facility.
  4. Interacts professionally and courteously with other employees, patrons and truckers.
  5. Operate skid loader when necessary.
  6. Perform repair and maintenance of the facility as directed.
  7. Performs all other duties as assigned.

Work and Skill Requirements

  1. Must be at least 18 years of age to apply.
  2. Ability to lift 35 pounds or more.
  3. Good coordination and endurance to perform the physical aspects of the job.
  4. Team attitude; performs work independently; cooperative and personable.
  5. Ability to handle confidential information in a professional manner.

Education Requirements
Based on experience.


Please visit the UPI-Owenton, Ky., facility for an application or mail all resumes/applications to:
United Producers Inc
Attn: Human Resources
8351 N High Street – Suite 250
Columbus, Ohio 43235
Fax: (614) 433-2191


United Producers is an equal opportunity employer.

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