Coordinated Feeder Services

Get exactly the cattle you need when you need them. Sell your cattle when you need to sell them.

Through Coordinated Feeder Services (CFS), UPI will market your feeder cattle through our contacts with feedyards and other interested buyers in the Midwest and Western United States. We will market them when you need to sell them. You provide the cattle – we do the rest! We can also locate cattle for you when you need them from a more diverse volume of headage.

Farmers selling feeder cattle will benefit from more opportunities to market cattle to a broader geographic region, expanding their livestock marketing opportunities. Farmers purchasing cattle through CFS will benefit from a more diverse volume of cattle to choose from.

“This program provides an exciting expansion of our existing livestock marketing options for our members,” said Dennis Bolling, President and CEO, United Producers, Inc. “Through CFS, we have a new tool to get the cattle our members need when they need them and help them sell their cattle when they need to sell them. It continues our tradition of providing value to our members and evolving our services to meet the growing and changing needs of today’s farmer.”

For more information, contact your local UPI cattle sales representative or:

Bane Robertson

(859) 707-5651, – Kentucky, Tennessee and Ohio

Kurt Schenkel

(740) 208-0035,  – Ohio

Derek Tingle

(502) 381-0122, – Kentucky, Tennessee and Ohio

Alden Wedemeyer

(740) 441-5160, – Southern Ohio, Northern Kentucky