United Producers, Inc. Announces New Communications Specialist

Columbus, Ohio. — United Producers, Inc. (UPI), the Midwest’s largest livestock marketing cooperative, is pleased to announce that Hannah Topmiller has been named its new communications specialist. Topmiller has been an employee of UPI since November of 2021, where she served the company in her previous role as centralization accounting specialist. In her new role as communications specialist, she will oversee marketing and advertising initiatives while working directly with UPI markets and employees to maximize marketing and outreach efforts for members.

“We are thrilled to announce Hannah’s new role as communications specialist,” said Mike Bumgarner, UPI president & CEO. “Her first-hand agricultural experience will have a significant impact on the way we inform our members about our livestock marketing, risk management and credit services. With her current knowledge of United Producers and her enthusiasm for helping markets succeed, she will make a great fit for this role. I’m excited to see her contributions to our members, our company and our market communities.”

Topmiller is a graduate of Morehead State University, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a minor in Marketing. Beyond her professional roles, Topmiller is passionate about her involvement within the show cattle community. Growing up on a small cattle farm in Pleasant Plain, Ohio, she began raising and showing cattle from a very young age. Although she currently resides in Columbus, Ohio, she remains connected with the industry as well as her hometown farm.

UPI serves 30,000 members in Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri and Tennessee, handling approximately 2.5 million head of livestock per year. UPI also offers risk management services, including marketing agreements and brokerage services; and offers competitive credit services for agricultural, farm machinery and livestock financing. For more information, visit www.uproducers.com or follow United Producers, Inc. on Facebook.