Modifications to the DTN Page

When launching the redesigned site in April, we knew we would received valuable feedback from our members. This feedback about the site is helpful in making continued and necessary modifications to the site so we are able to provide the best possible information to you, our members.

Most of our feedback was in regards to the DTN page of the site, a summary of modifications are listed below.

1. Easier to read Futures Commodity Quotes

The background of each commodity box is now lighter, easier to read and all negative numbers appear in red.






2. Modified Options Section

We modified the Options section to collapse when not in use to cut down on scrolling. We also enabled a freezing header — when scrolling through the Options, the header will remain at the top of the page so you know what each column is labeled.


3. Weather Radar

Last, but certainly not least, we have brought back the weather radar. This was the most missed feature and we are happy to bring it back!