Photo Rama Video Board Feeder Cattle sale on Sept. 21, at UPI-St. Louis, Mich.

September 21, at 7 p.m.
UPI-St. Louis, Mich., 7810 Croswell Road, St. Louis, MI 48880

The PhotoRama Feeder Cattle Sale is a live video board sale offering groups of preconditioned feeder cattle of all breeds. Lots are sold while on the farm with specific delivery dates defined. Buyers are able to bid at the sale or online.

For more information, contact: Craig Emery at 989-859-8809,
Trent Ward at 989-444-8643 or Scott Acker at 989-430-6354.

Sale Catalog

Click here to access the sale and to view the presale catalog with videos of each lot.
Click on the lot number in the presale catalog to view videos. Bidding will not be accessible until Thurs., Sept. 21, at 7:30 p.m.

Click here to register for the sale. New buyers will need to register before the day of the sale. If you have registered for previous UPI timed sales, you will not need to register again. If you have only registered for previous UPI Live Internet sales, you do need to register again.