Adding value to your cattle in this downward trending market

Over the last two years the cattle market has seen a frustrating downward trend that does not appear to be lifting anytime soon. The chart of the national cattle market below shows this dramatic drop.



We know that you are feeling this on your farm, and we want to help you weather this storm. Your success is our success, and as your co-op, we wanted to recommend a few things that could help add value to your cattle even when the market continues to drop.

First, we recommend that when you bring your cattle to the sale, you have them weaned and vaccinated, so that they will appeal to the majority of buyers and, in turn, bring higher prices. Buyers prefer weaned and vaccinated calves, as they tend to have much less sickness and death loss after purchase.

You also might want to investigate in pre-conditioned marketing programs that could help you bring a higher price on your cattle. For example, we have developed the UPI Yellow Tag program. This program fits with any type of marketing you do, whether UPI auction, direct marketing or listing your cattle on our Internet sale. The program also does not require the use of brand-specific products for vaccination, deworming, mineral or feeding. We understand that you need to have flexibility to decide what works best for you, and the Yellow Tag program provides this flexibility.

Click here for more information about the UPI Yellow Tag program. If you have questions about the program or how to add more value to your cattle in this lagging market, please contact your local UPI cattle sales representative. Don’t know your local UPI representative? Click here to find a market near you or send an email to with your name, contact information and location and we will put you in touch with your local UPI representative.