Humansville, MO United Producers

9805 SE 1300 Road, Humansville, MO 65674
Phone: (417) 754-2201 Fax: (417) 754-8283
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Facility Manager: Toby Thacker
Auction Time: Thursday – 10:00 a.m.
Livestock Accepted: All Species
Special Sales: Yes, check back for updated sale dates and times.

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Special Sales

Monthly Stock Cow

Monday, March 30, 2015 at 6:00 P.M.

• 18-Blk and Blk cross cows w/ 5 calves. Balance bred Blk bulls. 2nd and 3rd period. Mixed Ages.
• 33-Blk, Longhorn ,Corriente cross cows w/ 10 calves.Balance bred to Blk bulls. Mixed Ages.
•  5-Young Fancy Red Angus/Gelbvieh cross cows w/ nice spring calves by side. Calves out of an outstanding Registered Red Gelbvieh bull.
•  6-Red Gelbvieh cows w/ 1 calf. Balance springers bred Blk Gelbvieh. Mixed Ages.
• 17-Blk and Crossbred cows. 2nd and 3rd period. Mixed Ages.
• 3-18 month old Registered Horned Hereford Bulls.
• 1-2 yr old Blk Balancer bull.  1-3+ Blk Angus calving ease bull. 1-3+ Charolais bull.
• 2-18 month old Purebred Red Angus Bulls. A-I bred. Father-Samurai and maternal Mac Flamer.
•  2-yearling Red balancer bulls.
• 3-18 month old Blk and Bwf 3/4 Angus 1/4 Simmental bulls. 1-18 month old Red 1/2 Angus 1/2 Sim bull. 1-14 month old 3/4 Angus 1/4 Sim bull. 1-3 yr old Blk Angus bull calving ease blood line (Final Answer) for heifers. All birth wts in mid-70 lbs.

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