Livestock Marketing

Customized Marketing & Procurement

There is no single solution to fit everyone which is why we adapt with the industry and provide the marketing tools and venues that best fit the needs of our members.

United Producers Inc. provides marketing services at all levels of production:

  • Weekly auctions
  • Direct fed cattle sales
  • Special auctions
    • Feeder livestock
    • Dairy
    • Dispersals
    • Internet auctions
  • Online listing of cattle
  • Direct fed cattle sales
  • Direct feeder cattle sales
  • Daily collection points
  • Direct market hog sales
  • Order buying services
    • Feeder livestock
    • Breeding livestock
    • Dairy
  • Direct feeder pig sales
  • Cull animal direct marketing
  • Negotiated long-term marketing agreements


United Producers disapproves any animal abuse or mistreatment. Employees at United Producers are required to follow these strict guidelines to care for the livestock they handle.